Interdisciplinary laboratory NEDRAma

NEDRAma runs theatre laboratories in numerous countries: these laboratories support the development of new experimental theatre projects, the organization of workshops, seminars and lectures. 

The main laboratories are produced under the name ‘NEDRAma-­International’ whereas the local laboratories are called ‘NEDRAma plus’

Since 2013 NEDRAma has continued to develop interdisciplinary theatre laboratories like NEDRAma 2013 in Sofia out of which grew two productions: We are the Rubbish from Eastern Europe (Prize Stojan Kambarev 2014) and Natashas's Dream.

Also in 2013 NEDRAma hosted a laboratory in Jekaterinenburg out of which grew three performance projects; Dear Boris Nikolaevich, a play about Boris Yeltsin, Homeless, a play about the homeless people of Ekaterinburg, and Tagil Syndrome, a play about the Russian town Nizhnii Tagil.

Another project currently in development is the play Do you listen to the driver created by the Swiss director Josephine de Weck and the Polish writers Szymon Adamczak. Driver was first developed as a result of Georg Genoux’s seminar entitled “Theatre Strategies” presented at the Theatrical Reminiscences festival in Krakow (Poland), and will premiere at the Sopot Non-Fiction Festival in 2014 as supported by the theatre critic Roman Pawlowski and in 2015 in Sofia produced by Teatr Replika (Bulgaria) and Opus98 (Switzerland). In 2015 the premiere of this project was on 12th of June at the Redhouse Center for Culture and Debates in Sofia and at the festival Belluard Bollwerk International in Fribourg (Switzlerland).

NEDRAma is currently in the process of preparing three new productions for the 2014/2015 season in collaboration with Teatr Replika in Sofia, which grew out from the laboratory NEDRAma 2014 in Sofia

The first is directed by Margarita Matcheva (Bulgaria) and is called In Front of You, a play about domestic violence in Bulgarian families.

The second, Atlas Sofia, explores the significance of Soviet monuments in Sofia and will be directed by Michał Kmiecik (Poland).

And the third project, directed by Georg Genoux, will be developed in collaboration with young actors from Bulgaria and is entitled About the Elderly.

At the festival/laboratory NEDRAma 2015 in Sofia was the focus on a cooperation between the young polish theatermakers Magda Szpecht, Szymon Adamczak and Michal Kmiecik and the actors collective of Theatre Replika.  Also the projects "About the old people", "Next to you" and " To buy a story", which were developed at NEDRAma 2014, were shown as performances this year..


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