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October 2018. Students from School №1 in the East-Ukrainian town Popasna have come for a week to the Filmgymnasium Babelsberg in Germany. During the week ukrainian and german students have been shooting short films by their mobile phones.

The authors and film participants: Olga Bankova, Leonid Bondarenko, Niklas Bröning, Selina Hartmann, Sofia Havrashenko, Maximilian Holl, Celine Kaatz, Noah Duan Kassin, Catalina Lübcke, Oleh Malboroda, Yehor Makarenko, Daria Morutenko, Yelyzaveta Rudska, Lara Rümenopf, Vincent Schmidt, Stella Scholz, Lina Schweers, Diana Shulha Yevhenia Stryzkova, Viola Storozhenko, Frederike Wirz, Maarten Witzke, Bohdan Zagnoiko, Xiaojie Zhang (Nicolas).


Artistic directors of the project: Anastasiia Kosodii and Georg Genoux .

Music teacher: Matthias Petschke.

Teachers: Anna-Elena Hornig and Viktor Shulik.

Video montage: Anastasia Tarkhanova.



The school exchange program "Schools without borders" is organized by Democracy.doc. This film-project was organized in the framework of the visit of students from School Nr. 1 Popasna in East Ukraine at the Filmgymnasium Babelsberg in Potsdam (Germany) in October 2018.


The project was implemented within the “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ). The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Foundation EVZ. The author is solely responsible for the content.

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