Emergency theatre

A project by Lyubov Mulmenko, Georg Genoux, Maxim Vasjanovitch

Designer of the presentation: Jakov Kazhdan

Curator: Vitaly Patsyukov

Organizers: NCCA, Creative Union CultProject, Joseph Beuys Theater

In 2012 the Sakhalin puppet theater witnessed a tough situation – its director, visionary and artistic director Antonina Dobrolyubova was denied extension of her contract. The theater staff took her side: the actors staged protests, collected signatures in director’s support, and even went on a hunger strike. The conflict between the Sakhalin Oblast Ministry of Culture and the theater is still ongoing and a compromise decision has yet to be reached by both sides.

A group from the “mainland” created a play about the closed world of the island of Sakhalin and how hard it can be for a civil servant and an actor to understand each other. The production also includes a documentary about the island.




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