Interdisciplinary projects of Democracy.doc

The Democracy.doc production team works closely with other theatres, arts collectives and organizations that produce interdisciplinary, contemporary, documentary, political social, interactive and therapeutic arts projects.

Democracy.doc organized and participated in projects in






The performance Democracy.doc was the pilot project of the Joseph Beuys Theatre in Moscow. It  developed projects in Moscow between 2006-2013 in collaboration with the Joseph Beuys Theatre, Teatr.doc, National Center of Contemporary Art (NCCA), the Garage Center of Contemporary Culture, the Meyerhold Center, the Andrei Sakharov Museum, Memorial Society.

In 2013 the Democracy.doc artists began organizing projects together with the International Theatre Laboratory NEDRAma. Since that time we have been producing projects together with Replika Teatr in Sofia and at the University of Cambridge. 

In 2015 the Artistic director of Democracy.doc Georg Genoux founded together with the ukrainian playwright Natalia Vorozhbyt the Theatre of Displaced People in Ukraine. Since that time the theatre organized more then 50 local ukrainian and international projects. For example the program of international exchange program UNDERNATIONAL AFFAIRS in collaboration with the Studio Я of the Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin.


Since 2018 Democracy.doc organizes the new project by Georg Genoux The country I don't know about Saxony, in collaboration with the film production company Boekamp & Kriegsheim (Berlin), Gerhart Hauptmann Theater (Zittau) and the Thespis - Zentrum by the Deutsch - Sorbisches Volkstheater (Bautzen).



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