Dad will sort it out

“Dad will sort it out” is the story of one displaced woman…Documentary performance by Theatre of Displaced People.

She created her own puppet theatre at the age of 55. At 59 she entered the Luhansk academy of culture. She worked with disabled children and taught them how to change the world around them…The war shattered all her progress and achievements. Natalia Nikolaevna was forced to leave the combat zone. She dropped everything. But she found the strength to begin all over again in Kyiv. This impressive, indomitable woman became interested in the Theatre of Displaced People. First she took place with her story as part of the performance ‘Where is the East’. The live audience’s response inspired Georg Genoux to create a solo performance.

Playwright: Oksana Savchenko
Directors: Liza Smith and Alik Sardarian. 
Actors: Evgenii Vidisheva, Anastasia Pugach, Angelina Sardarian and Natalia Bedusenko


First work in progress show of this project was on 25th of September 2016 in frame of the project “The Stage of Displaced People” at the GOGOFEST in Kiev.

The premiere was on 22th of November at The Centre for modern art DAKH in Kiev.


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