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Make history now

It’s senseless to sit at home when history unfolding just outside your door. Ukraine has reached an incredible turning point in its efforts to move away from the country’s totalitarian-Soviet past and towards a European future. Thousands of people, young and old, are surviving on hope during this time of war and economic collapse. Ukraine has been faced with the unique opportunity to become another country. You are now faced with the opportunity to participate in the last revolution of continental Europe. Moments of devastation can facilitate creation. Times of war call out for acts of genuine kindness.

Democracy in Ukraine is young, its proponents still have a lot to learn. These lessons can only be taught by you, by your willingness to share your knowledge and values. Take part in this humanitarian volunteer initiative.

Not everything in this world is about money. Come share your knowledge and experience. Contribute the skill of your hands and the warmth of your soul. In exchange you will gain a unique experience, love. You will experience the gracious embraces of your Eastern neighbors and feel the thankful glow of their hearts.

This site has been created in order to connect and activate volunteers from Europe and around the world to come and support Ukraine. Anyone can apply his or her skills to help Ukraine during this time of military aggression. We are not only looking for financial support. We are seeking volunteers to help rebuild schools and hospitals. We are looking for professional psychologists to work with the half-million people who have been displaced from their homes. We are calling for those who are able to help in way that they can.

Come and support this neighbouring European country.

This is a joint project supported by the volunteer organization New Donbass in collaboration with Democracy.doc.

For any questions you have concerning your travel feel free to contact New Donbass and Georg Genoux.







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