The country I dont't know

Interdisciplinary theatre and film project by Georg Genoux about Saxony.

It includes theatre pieces («Justice for Saxony», 2018), video-projects («Your and My story», 2018), documentary film, Instagram-page with daily notes and regularly online diary, where Georg Genoux reflects and shares his impressions about Saxony. 


What's going on in Saxony? After the fatal knife attack and the violent accidents in Chemnitz, Germany looks with great fear to the East. Hate, fear, and also confusion are spreading — it seems that society is divided into two different camps . Director Georg Genoux is from Hamburg, since 1998 used to live and work mostly in Eastern Europe and Russia, came to the theatre festival «Dreiländerspiel» in the Saxony, Zittau. There he felt strange feeling: «Here, in Germany, where I grew up, there is a world that I do not know».


«Saxony, with its dramatic and tragic past embodies so beautiful for me», said Genoux, «but now it becomes a symbol of right-wing radicalism, violence and hatred."


First premiere was on 03 of October 2018 at the Gerhart - Hauptmann Theater in Zittau with the titel «Justice for Saxony»

This theatre piece is a kind of  personal conversation with people from little town Hagenwerder. They all have taken different paths of life and therefore different views on social and political issues. For this project they told about their home country, about their long lives in this little «industrial» town — what they used to think about Germany's past, real and future.


22th of January 2019 started the work on the second theatre performance of the projekt. Premiere on 19th of May 2019 at the festival "Wilkommen Anderswo" by Thespis Zentrum and Deutsch - Sorbische Volkstheater in Bautzen.



18th of May 2019 premiere of the new theatre performance of the projekt The country I don't know by Georg Genoux  at the festival "Wilkommen Anderswo" by Thespis Zentrum and Deutsch - Sorbische Volkstheater in Bautzen.



21th of May 2019 performed the first performance Justice for Saxony at the festival Our Stage by the Bürgerbühne in Dresden.




More information here at the homepage of the project. 


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