Go Away

Evgeniya Vidishevaya’s documentary performance about absent fathers.

A project by Theatre of Displaced People


Ukraine has the third highest divorce rate in Europe: almost half of the registered marriages break up. There are almost 600 000 single mothers in our country! But this project is not about bad statistics. My father left our family when I was 3 years old. Now I am 20 and I have finally got to know him a little. I am not prepared to forgive him yet. But I can try to understand why things ended up as they did. I began to ask other fathers: how they decided to leave their children. It is time to share what I learned.” – Evgeniya Vidishevaya.


Assistant Director: Oleksandra Zheleznova

Curators of the project: Georg Genoux and Natalia Vorozhbyt


 Premiere 28th November 2016 at PostPlay Kiev.






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