Georg Genoux

Born 1976 in Hamburg.


Lives and works as a theatre/film director and curator in Kiev, Berlin, Moscow and Hamburg.


His work focuses on creating interdisciplinary dialogue on the topic of democracy.


Georg has directed and curated more than 80  theatre projects in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Germany, which got awards and participated at festivals in Berlin, Warschau, London, Hamburg, Basel, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Riga, Helsinki, Talin, Jerewan, Sofia, Moscow, Porto etc.


He studied directing at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in Moscow (GITIS) from 1999-2003.


In 2000 he worked as an assistant director of Frank Castorf and assistant dramaturge of Stefanie Carp on the performance “Fatherland”, based on the roman by Robert Harris as a Co - production of Schauspielhaus Hamburg and Volksbühne Berlin.



He co-founded Teatr.doc in 2002 in Moscow, where he worked as a director, curator of documentary projects. Georg Genoux was the producer and co-director of Mikhail Ugarov’s production One Hour Eighteen Minutes, a play about the murder of Russian attorney Sergei Magnitsky (2010).


In 2003 he played the leading role in the movie “In the sign of Taurus”, directed by Petr Tadorovski.


In 2006 he founded the project Democracy.doc, which has been touring throughout Russia and Easteurope since that time. After that Georg Genoux organized more than 10 projects with the Goethe Institut in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria since that time.


From 2008-2013 Georg was the artistic director of the Joseph Beuys Theatre in Moscow.


2010 - 2012 he developed the theatre programming for Moscow’s Sakharov Centre and the Memorial Society. In 2012 he was the curator of the theatre program "Breaking the borders" at the Sakharov Centre, supported by the European Commission and the curator of the theatre program "Memory Drama" at Memorial Society.


In 2010/2011 Georg Genoux worked in the artistic direction at the Alexei Kasanzev Playwright and Director Center in Moscow and at the Youth Theatre in Saratov.


2012/2013 he also worked as a curator and director at the National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Moscow.


2012 - 2015, Georg has worked as the artistic director of the Interdisciplinary Theatre Laboratory NEDRAma by the Replica Theatre in Sofia (Bulgaria).


Since 2013 Georg Genoux worked as a guest teacher at the Freie Kunstschule Hamburg (FREE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY).


Since June 2015 Georg Genoux works together with Nataliya Vorozhbyt and Maxym Kurochkin as the artistic directors of the project "Theatre of Displaced People" in Kiev.


September 2016 he was the curator of the theatre program "Stage of Displaced People" at Gogolfest 2016 in Kiev, supported by the UN Agency for Refugees in Ukraine (UNHCR).


Awards and participation at festivals

In 2017 his film "School #3" got the Grand Prix Award by the program "Generation 14+" of the 67th Berlin Filmfestspiele (Berlinale) and participated in more than 10 international film festivals.


In December 2015 Theatre of Displaced People was selected as the “main achievement of Ukrainian Theatre in 2015” by the newspaper “”.


In 2015 and 2016 his documentary projects "My Mykolaivka", "Where is East?", "Product", "Captivity", "Dad will sort it out" participated at the Gogolfest in Kiew.


2014 the President of the Repuplic of Bulgaria Rossen Plewneliew presented the Award "Stojan Kambarev" for contemporary art to Teatr Replika for their projects with the director Georg Genoux "Truth… Beyond the Arctic Circle", "A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians", "We are the Rubbish from Eastern Europe".


His documentary project “Lear Rehearses Death” was invited in the Russian Case program for the 2014 Golden Mask Festival in Moscow..


Georg staged the Joseph Beuys text “A Call for an Alternative” as part of the Joseph Beuys exhibition in Moscow in 2012.


In 2012, his production CRISIS was invited to the Seventh Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art at the theatre Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.


In 2011 his project Democracy.doc was invited to the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow.


In 2011, he was selected ‘Man of the Year in Russian Theatre’ by the Moscow Times.


In 2011, his performance “Everything is fine between us” by the the polish playwright Dorota Maslowska was invited in the New Plays program for the Golden Mask Festival.


In 2010, 2011 and 2013 his productions “Third Watch”, “Pavlik is my god”, “One Hour Eighteen Minutes” and “Usbek” have been nominated for the Golden Mask Award in Moscow as best experimental theatre project of the year.


In 2006 and 2007 his performances “Democracy.doc” and “The Truth..beyond the arctic circle” were invited in the NEW DRAMA Festival in Moscow.


Press about Georg Genoux

"School #3" got the Grand Prix Award by the program "Generation 14+" of the 67th Berlin Filmfestspiele (Berlinale). (Goethe Institut Ukraine).


Deutsche Welle about project Children and Soldiers


“taz” (die tageszeitung) about project My Mikolaivka


Der Spiegel about Democracy.doc


Moscow Times about Georg Genoux leaving Moscow


Moscow Times about Lear Rehearses Death


Kultura about Award Stoyan Kambarev for Theatre Replica


Kiev Post about project Children and Soldiers


Interview with Georg Genoux by Sylvia Sasse in Geschichte der Gegenwart


New York Times about Fear in Ukraine


""Documentary theatre has developed from а niche experiment for a narrow audience to a definite trend that has notably evolved onstage practice at the heart of which are documentary interviews........The activity of Theatre of Displaced People (the work of director Georg Genoux and playwright Natalia Vorozhbyt) played an important role in the development of this movement. The fundamental focus of this team has become the war in the East of Ukraine and the fate of people who have fallen under the wheels of history. The activity of the Theatre of Displaced People has gone far outside the frame of theatrical form. It has also become a centre of psychological adaptation for people from the East and Crimea as well as the envoy of peace in areas close to the conflict zone. Free from loud declarations and bathetic announcements, the team has done much more in the matter of establishing dialogue and exhibiting loyalty to displaced people from Donbass than all the state programmes put together…"

"Ukrayinska Pravda" about Theatre of Displaced People."  (22th December 2016).




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