NEDRAma 2014 in Sofia

24.05.2014 and 25.05.2014

Red Hall Centre for Cultural Debate – “THE RED HOUSE” - Andrey Nikolov

10.00 – 22.00 – “Sofia-Before and Now” 

Workshop with Georg Genoux and six young directors from Bulgaria and Europe on how to make documentary theatre and use the space.


11.00-20.00 – 22.00 - Goethe Institute – Sofia

11.00 - “”

Workshop and collaboration between theatre professionals of the Replica Theatre Sofia and members of the Roma minority. 

14.00 - Elena Margo – Lecture on interactive documentary theatre in Russia and the role of the psychotherapist in contemporary theatre and art.

Elena Margo is a psychotherapist, and a co-creator and performer in the interactive theatre projects “Democracy.doc,” “Crisis,” “Big City,” and “Fear.” She is one of the founders of the Joseph Beuys Theatre in Moscow.

15:30 - Discussion on the development of documentary forms 

with  Milena Mihaylova (theatrologist/theatre critic,Sofia) and Molly Flynn (theatrologist, Cambridge).

18.00 - – an interactive performance by Bulgarians with Roma background who are working together with the actors of Replica Theatre. This project is based on the methods used by Georg Genoux in Democracy.doc. Duration 80 min.


Red Hall Centre for Cultural Debate – “THE RED HOUSE” - Andrey Nikolov

10.00 - Do you listen to the driver?

Work in progress presentation

Documentary project about tram drivers in Sofia

Author: Josephine de Weck.

With the participation of Irina Andreeva

A Day with “VOX POPULI” Documentary Theatre Studio

18.00 - “Yatse forkash” - verbatim performance

“Yatse forkash” means “In a Rush”  in Rhodope dialect, and is the title of the second “Vox Populi” verbatim play which is based on interviews, stories, and songs gathered by an expedition team in the Rhodope Mountains in August 2012. “Yatse Forkash” is a staging of the disappearance of things – authentic folklore, collective memory, rural life, and modern man's relationship to his roots.

Director: Neda Sokolovska

Duration 75 min. 

20.00 “Invisibles 3 – Home”- “Home” - is the third part of the series “Invisibles”

We use documentary theatre methods to explore the lives of people who have become homeless for various reasons and have therefore been written off the social map.

Director: Neda Sokolovska

Duration 60 min.

21.30 - Discussion – Documentary Theatre - Theatre of Responsibility

Participants in the discussion include: Neda Sokolovska, Irina Andreeva, Boris Zafirov, Milko Jovchev, Milena Mihaylova and Madlen Cholakova. Moderated by  Milena Mihaylova 

Duration: 60 min


Red Hall Centre for Cultural Debate – “THE RED HOUSE” - Andrey Nikolov

First day of Replica Theatre

12.00 - “We Are the Rubbish from Eastern Europe” 

A documentary theatre project by Georg Genoux and the actors of Replica Theatre , supported by the Goethe-Institute Bulgaria.

This is a very personal project for the actors, it combines their own stories with those of their friends, and also uses other peoples' stories that the actors felt were close to their own.  They see themselves in the lives of these other people and in the whole situation in Bulgaria which they seek to reflect onstage

16.00 - “Natasha's Dream” by Yaroslava Pulinovich

(Professional stage debut of the director Ovanes Torossian, Translation Azalia Sarkisian)

Stars scattering into infinity creates a fiery abyss. God mourns, eternity celebrates, as the calendar pages continue to turn. Duration 90 min. 

19.00 - “A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking  Romanians”

An Interactive theatre performance based on excerpts from a play by the most popular young Polish playwright Dorota Maslowska, director: Georg Genoux.

“Only if you show your wounds, can they be healed! If you hide them, no one can heal them!” (Joseph Beuys)

The performance is supported by the Polish Institute, Sofia.

Duration: 80 min.





 13.00 h:”You Are Beautiful, My Dear”

A theatre performance based on the film of the same name by Georgy Dyulgerov

Blagoy Boychev – director's debut

We created a performance about the "sludge" of our society, based on documentary interviews with prostitutes. The stories of these girls made us look about their work and our responsibilities from a different perspective

Duration: 90 min.

17.00 - ”Life is Grand”

by Pavel Priazhko (Minsk, Belarus)

Director: Alexey Ershov (Moscow, Russia) – professional stage debut.

“Replica” theatre presents for the first time in Bulgaria the text of one of the most famous and most awarded contemporary playwrights in Russia.

 "The title of the play presumes neither irony nor satire; I am completely honest in affirming that the lives of my characters have been grand. I am writing about people who understand life in a different way and their criteria for happiness or unhappiness are completely different."

Pavel Priazhko Duration: 60 min.

20.00 -  “Identity”

 “Based on Actual Events” organization

Identity is a project by Irina Goleva that tests the interactions between modernity and tradition. It experiments with the similarities between performance and folklore (folk dances, folk music), and creates the space for new points of view. Duration 40 min.


Red Hall Centre for Cultural Debate – “THE RED HOUSE” - Andrey Nikolv”

10-16.00 - A presentation of six sketches for future performances – the results of a young directors' workshop.

Three young Bulgarian directors and three young foreign directors will present the results of their collaboration with the actors from “Replica” theatre. The subject of their work will be a documentary performance  entitled “Sofia - Before and Now”.

 Moderated by  Milena Mihaylova (theatrologist/theatre critic, Sofia).

18.00 - Molly Flynn – Lecture on the history of documentary theatre in Europe

Molly Flynn is currently completing her PhD in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge where she has conducted her research on the staging of cultural memory in twenty-first century Russian documentary theatre on documentary theatre. She received her M.A. in theatre and performance studies from Brown University in 2008 and her B.A. in theatre studies from New York University in 2006. Molly’s theatre training includes work in the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU and at the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy. In 2004 she co-founded the New York branch of the experimental theatre collective the Neo-Futurists where she worked as a writer, director, and performer for the company’s signature show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Molly also co-created the original productions Cabaret Murderess (2007) and Mirror Stage (2008), and performed the role of Gerda in the Joseph Beuys Theatre production Legacy of Silence. She is a co-creator of the NEDRAma production Lynndie Sings the Blues.

19.30 - Discussion – How to realize ideas in performance. Opportunities for Young Theatre artists. Theatre and Time, new forms in the theatre. 

Participants will include: actors, directors, critics and curators of the “Replica Theatre”

Moderated by Ana Angelova – the renowned Bulgarian journalist and TV presenter for the National Bulgarian Televsion morning show “The Day Begins With Culture.” 

Duration 60 min. 

21.30 “Lynndie Sings the Blues” - Performance by Georg Genoux and Molly Flynn

A documentary theatre project organized by the Interdisciplinary Theatre Laboratory NEDRAma with support from the Judith E. Wilson foundation at the University of Cambridge, about the crimes of American soldiers in Iraqi prisons.

In English Duration 40 min.

NEDRAma-international 2014 is supported by the Depatarment of Culture Sofia and the Ministery of Culture Bulgaria.



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