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""Documentary theatre has developed from а niche experiment for a narrow audience to a definite trend that has notably evolved onstage practice at the heart of which are documentary interviews........The activity of Theatre of Displaced People (the work of director Georg Genoux and playwright Natalia Vorozhbyt) played an important role in the development of this movement. The fundamental focus of this team has become the war in the East of Ukraine and the fate of people who have fallen under the wheels of history. The activity of the Theatre of Displaced People has gone far outside the frame of theatrical form. It has also become a centre of psychological adaptation for people from the East and Crimea as well as the envoy of peace in areas close to the conflict zone. Free from loud declarations and bathetic announcements, the team has done much more in the matter of establishing dialogue and exhibiting loyalty to displaced people from Donbass than all the state programmes put together…"
"Ukrayinska Pravda" about Theatre of Displaced People."  (22th December 2016).



Theatre of Displaced People was founded in January 2015 in Ukraine. Our theatre develops projects and social initiatives in Kiev and other regions in Ukraine, mostly in the east. Our work also focuses on creating interdisciplinary dialogue on the topic of democracy.


In September 2015, we opened our own space at the Dovzhenko Filmstudios in Kiev, supported by the Goethe Institute of Ukraine and the German Embassy in Kiev. In December 2016 we opened an own Studio at the International School in Kiev and showing our performances at the Dakh Theatre and Postplay Theatre in Kiev.

On the Theatre we work with young artists and psychologists from Ukraine and other European countries to develop theatre, art and social projects with internal refugees from eastern Ukraine. We work together to generate new perspectives on displaced people by working together to create live theatre projects.


In December 2015, we began two special arts program for children in eastern Ukraine – DISPLACED KIDS and Class Act.

Natalia Vorozhbyt, Georg Genoux Genoux and the playwright Maxim Kurochkin are developing a playwriting centre and laboratory for documentary theatre making – The Institute of Drama.


In 2015 and 2016 we were invited to show 5 of our new projects at GOGOLfest in Kiev. For example our: performance My Mykolaivka. The play is created by children from Donbass and tells the stories of their own experiences of war. We have been touring in Ukraine this production ever since and, March 2016, our performance was featured in Konstanz, Germany.


Four other productions about the war in Ukraine, Where is East?, Product, the film My Mykolaivka and Children and Soldiers were performed at the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin in cooperation with ITI (International Theatre Institute) in 2016 and 2017


Our performance, Captivity by Alisa Kovalenko, is also about the war in Ukraine. It is a collaborative project of Theatre of Displaced People and the Festival "Dreiländerspiel" in Zittau.


Our project Fear in Ukraine toured in 2015 to more than 10 cities across Europe.


In December 2015 our theatre was selected as the “main achievement of Ukrainian Theatre in 2015” by the newspaper “”.


In 2016 The Theatre of Displaced People, the Studio Я by the Maxim Gorki Theatre and 6 other European theatres started the international collaboration network “Undernational affairs”.


January 2016 started the project Children and Soldiers. Since January 2016 the authors of the project have been traveling to small cities in the east of Ukraine that were severely damaged by the war. They have been working to establish contact between students form the local school and the Ukrainian soldiers who are stationed there as there is often very little communication between the two groups.


In September 2016 Georg Genoux curated in collaboration with the UN Agency for Refugees in Ukraine (UNHCR) for the Theatre of Displaced People at the festival for contemporary culture in Kyiv “GOGOLfest” the program Stage of Displaced People, in which during ten days Ukrainian, Syrian and German artists showed theatre projects about refugees, war and political repression.


December 2016 Theatre of Displaced People by Version of Ukrainian Pravda and is one of the main events in Ukrainian Theatre in 2016.


17th February 2017 Award "Grand Prix by the international Jury" in the program "Generation 14+" at the 67th Berlin Filmfestspiele (Berlinale) for the film School #3 by Yelisaveta Smith and Georg Genoux (Theatre of Displaced People and Tabor Production).


Artistic directors Natalia Vorozhbyt and Georg Genoux.

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