NEDRAma 2013 in Sofia


NEDRAma – New European Documentary Drama and Theatre aims to create a new cultural space, which to provoke the process of our drawing closer together to the European cultural tendencies and the integration of the Bulgarian theatre in the European theatrical context.

The project NEDRAma is both important for the development of the Bulgarian national dramaturgy and theatre, as well as for informing and integration of professionals and audience within the frame of the international theatre scene.

Similar projects exist in many other countries, but unfortunately in Bulgaria is missing purposeful presenting of the new European dramaturgy and the development of the new genre of documentary drama, genre which is not actively existing in the field of the Bulgarian national dramaturgy, is almost in its infancy.

The mission of this project is:

Ø to encourage and enable the directors in staging of contemporary texts.

Ø to discover new authors and texts for theatre.

Ø to compile and present in front of professionals and audience an overall and accurate picture of the contemporary European dramaturgy, inclusively the forms of the documentary drama and theatre.

Ø to introduce the theatre professionals in the sphere of the new informational practices and technologies used in the new drama and theatre.

Ø to create electronic library with new drama literature.

The project NEDRAma will give opportunity to young directors and students in theatre directing enrolled in higher education theatre institutions to “work in progress” with actors from Theatre “Replica”, “Vox Populi” Studio for Documentary Theatre and “Emergency Theatre”, as well as with experts from Poland, Russia and Germany.

The programme of the project NEDRAma, which will take place in June 2013, plans to show performances, as well as presentation of “work in progress” of theatre performances upon new plays. Also, the programme includes lectures held by experts in the field of contemporary drama and theatre from Germany, Poland, Russia, followed by discussions with the audience about the state of contemporary drama and theatre in Bulgaria.

Where does the Bulgarian contemporary dramaturgy find itself nowadays? Which are the new tendencies in the development of the local dramaturgy and what is its driving force? What could be the impulses that the Bulgarian drama could acquire from the contemporary dramaturgy and theatre in Germany, Poland and Russia? What role does the new wave of “documentary theatre” have in Bulgaria? What new theatrical solutions, approaches does the genre of “new drama”/“documentary theatre” require?

These are some of the questions expected to be discussed and answered by the participants in dialogue with the audience in the laboratory.



A Talk:

by Neda Sokolovska on the background and purposes of VOX POPULI Studio for Documentary Theatre (Bulgaria) (

*** *** ***

A new performance of VOX POPULI Studio for Documentary Theatre – part of the thematic series “Invisibles”, director Neda Sokolovska

Discussion with the audience

29.06.2013 – 01.07.2013

A Workshop: An actor in documentary theatre. Led by Neda Sokolovska and Georg Genoux.


by Georg Genoux (director, Germany/Russia): Origin and evolution of documentary theatre in Moscow (

Lecture – presentation by Irina Goleva and Ognian Golev:

“Based on actual events” Organization for contemporary alternative art and culture (Bulgaria). Nature of ideas behind our work. Background and further goals.


*** *** ***

Ostalgia – an original theatre project by “Based on actual events” Organization for contemporary alternative art and culture (Bulgaria)

Discussion with the audience


Presentation of the results from the workshop An actor in documentary theatre, led by Neda Sokolovska and Georg Genoux

A Talk:

by Boris Nikitin (theatrologist and theatre director, Germany) – Documentary theatre in Germany.

*** *** ***

Screening of Prometheus in Athens. A documentary film of the Rimini Protokoll performance at the Hellenic Festival in Athens . Filmed by Athina Tsangari / HAOS films (2010).

(“Rimini Protokoll”)

*** *** ***

A verbatim performance Protest.mp3, directed by Neda Sokolovska



- by Milena Mihaylova (theatrologist, Bulgaria): The tendency of “authentic/documentary” in the Bulgarian theatre – approaches and development from the beginning of the XXI century to the present day.

- by Pavel Rudnev (theatrologist, Russia): The history and development of the “new drama” and “documentary theatre” phenomena in Russia.

*** *** ***

A work in progress performance based on Yaroslava Pulinovich’s play Natasha’s Dream, directed by Ovanes Torosyan (Bulgaria)

*** *** ***

Performance of Theatre REPLICA: Zapolyarnaya Pravda (Truth… Beyond the Arctic Circle), directed by Georg Genoux


A Talk:

by Roman Pavlovski (theatrologist, Poland): The contemporary dramaturgy in Poland.

*** *** ***

Work in progress performance based on a play by Dorota Masłowska: A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians. Directed by Georg Genoux

The project is realized with the support of:

The Red House Centre For Culture and Debate “Andrey Nikolov”

Polish Institute – Sofia

Goethe-Institute – Sofia

Joseph Beuys Theatre – Moscow



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