Lynndie Sings the Blues

An interactive theatre project by Georg Genoux and Molly Flynn.

Organized by the Interdisciplinary Theatre Laboratory NEDRAma and the Judith E. Wilson Foundation at the University of Cambridge.


Lynndie Sings the Blues uses verbatim texts and interviews to tell the story of former Military Police Officer Lynndie England. Ten years after her court martialling, England reflects on her role as the face of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal in 2004. Through its use of documentary materials, the play considers how the media’s fixation on England’s personal life, and her own portrayal of her past as a ‘really sad love story’, supported the Pentagon’s attitude towards the ‘deviant’ behavior of what US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called ‘a few bad apples’. In fact, as England’s testimony reveals, the eleven officers charged as a result of the scandal were complicit in what has since been proven to be a disturbing and expansive network of culpability.

Lynndie Sings the Blues is the first in a series of performances to explore the nature of the NATO supported wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.


Performances took place  on the 13th and 14th of February at the University of Cambridge and at 30 of may at the festival NEDRAma-international in the Redhouse in Sofia.

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