Teatr Replika

Teatr Replika was founded in Sofia in 2011 by the actors Ovanes Torosyan, Ivailo Dragiev, Milko Yovchev and Blagoi Boitshev, the producer Stefan Alekseiev and is supported by curator Vasilka Boumborova.

The mission of the theatre is to support young bulgarian/european talent, contemporary drama, documentary theatre and to develop experimental theatre forms in Bulgaria.

In 2013 at Teatr Replika began working the director and curator Georg Genoux.

Teatr Replika is home to the Interdisciplinary Theatre Laboratoty NEDRAma and the social theatre project with the Roma minority in Bulgaria “EMERGENCY THEATRE”.

Replika has organized performances with young directors from Bulgaria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and Macedonia and has staged the plays of young european playwriters from, Poland (Dorota Maslovska), Belarus (Pavel Prjazhko), Russia (Jaroslava Polunovitsh, Juri Klavdiev) and is currently developing new work with young Bulgarian playwrights.

Replika has participated in numerous Bulgarian theatre festivals such as the IETM Festival in Sofia. 

In 2013 the production of ‘Dear Elena Sergeyevna’ was nominated for 

the IKAR for the best director award (Martin Kiseloov).

In 2014, Rossen Plewneliew, the President of of Bulgaria presented the Award "Stoyan Kambarev" for contemporary art to Teatr Replika for their projects with director Georg Genoux "Truth... Beyond the Arctic Circle", "A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians", and “We are the Rubbish from Eastern Europe".

“We are the Rubbish from Eastern Europe" has been invited to perform at the University in Cambridge in the autumn of 2015.

The projects by Theatre Replika are primarily based at the Andrey Nikolov. Red HouseCentre For Culture and Debate.

“This completely simplified new kind of theater performed by Replika is obviously the most interesting trend in theater in recent years”.
Nikola Wandov in "Culture" 23.05.2014





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