The society of the anonymous artists

Joseph Beuxs Theatre, Teatr.doc Moscow

Creative group: Arman Bekenov, Nina Belenitzkaya, Georg Genoux, Mikhail Kaluzhsky.
and Vera Polozkova.
Directed by Georg Genoux. 

Interactive performance «A Society of Anonymous Artists» (2008) is a further development of artistic experiment initiated by a creative group of Georg Genoux, Arman Bekenov and Nina Belenitskaya and realized in the form of interactive performance «Democracy.doc».

Joseph Beuys claims that every person is an artist. This idea is underlying for the performance. Accompanied by the performance leaders, the spectators take part in a story which is created right in their presence. The talk concerns creative ability of a person and spectators will be able to discover their own talents. The talk on creativity will not be limited to the arts, paintings, music or cinema. A person's life, his/her biography will be regarded as a creative process.

The performance leaders are Vera Polozkova, a famous young poetess, also well-known in a Russian part of Internet. Vera Polozkova, at her young age of 22, has managed to publish a collection of poems and to become one of the most popular authors of the Russian Livejournal. Mikhail Kaluzhsky - a journalist, columnist and a public figure who has a great experience of working in the regions of Russia. And Arman Bekenov, psychotherapist, leader of a lot of interactive projects by Democracy,doc.

The performance takes place in a small hall, which instead of a usual stage has an open space in front of the spectators' chairs. When the audience enters the hall, performance leaders are already there, on «the scene» and they talk to each other about creativity and realities of contemporary life. Gradually the leaders get people involved in this informal talk. Each spectator can enter on the scene and speak for oneself, his/her own creative experience and credo.  Thus each performance presents a new story about different people and their lives.


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