Growing up in wartime

New project by Theatre Replica in Sofia, supported by Democracydoc


In this international project the young artist Oleksandr Babakov tells different life stories from his life, how war has become a part of his youth in Ukraine. At first in his childhood, when in 2014 his hometown Mykolaivka in Donbas was occupied. And after, when he was a student, the Russian army tried to destroy Ukraine, attacking Kyiv, where he had lived as a student. This play is a very private story about his personal emancipation from the soviet system and post-soviet consciousness or/and Russia. It’s a play about finding identity as a young Ukrainien. About moments, when and how he has started to love his own country and understand who he is in this reality. What it means for him to be in a free and independent country, to be a part of it and why he and so many of his friends are ready to give his lives for that. This theater project is a form of fighting against Russian propaganda in Europe, especially in countries like Bulgaria, where there is a huge sympathy for Russia. We are planning to play 4 performances and 4 times hold a discussion with the audience. Oleksandr Babakov will also play the main role in this play. He will perform himself, trying to explain to aliens from the “PEACE PLANET”, why we have war on the Earth. And what it has made with him.

The performance will be a collaboration between the artists of Replika Theatre and Oleksadar Babakov.

The german director Georg Genoux is also a well known director in Ukraine . He has staged at theaters, like National Theatre Lesya Ukrainka and in Theatre on Podil in Kyiv. In 2015 together with Natalia Vorozhbyt he founded the Theatre of Displaced People in Ukraine. His film project (made together with the ukrainian film director Elisaveta Smith) “School Nr.3” got in 2017 the prize of the international Jury in the program „Generation 14+“ at the 67. Berlinale in Berlin, which is one of the leading film festivals in the world. Oleksandr Babakov also was one of the heroes of this film, where he has participated as an actor and author of his story about his childhood, hometown and school. Since 2014, Georg Genoux has worked as a volunteer in Ukraine, mostly in the Donbass region. Since 2018, he has led the project „Misto to Go“ in East Ukraine, which was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

The performances will be at 20th – 23th of November 2023

The rehearsals will start at 01th of November 2023



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